The Art Cougar: Insight into the Romance Between Leon Bakst and Tretyakov’s Daughter

Moscow showcases Rembrandt and Cranach the Elder on video, a careful account of Leon Bakst’s family life and crème de la crème of Soviet cinema.

Movie Time

Exhibition of emotional portraits of an era that unites modern artists and the best of Soviet and Russian cinema.

Working together architect Dmitry Likin and film historian Mikhail Trofimenko have put together Ivan Pyryev’s ‘Kuban Cossacks’ with artist Irina Korina and films by Oscar-winning Nikita Mikhalkov with ‘Collective Actions’ art-group – an unusual combination by any standards.

till January 29 at State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO at VDNKh

Irina Nakhova. Gaze

One the country’s first artists involved with installations Irina Nakhova is known the most for representing Russia at 2013 Venice Biennale.

This time she offers 7 video installations based on some of the most famous exhibits of the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts from Rembrandt van Rijn to Lucas Cranach the Elder.

till January 29 at Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Leon Bakst And Tretyakov Family


For some ten years famous artist and theatrical figure Leon Bakst was married to Lyubov Gritsenko – the third daughter of legendary businessman and art patron Tretyakov.

Their love story served as inspiration for Gritsenko’s portrait he made in 1903. It is the centre of exhibition, which also includes photographs, documents and other works by Bakst known for his affiliation with impresario Sergey Dyagilev’s Ballets Russes.

till January 29 at State Tretyakov Gallery

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