Party Like a Russian: Swindlers on the Roof. Of the World

Newly spawned Latinos cevicheria looks like an ideal pre-party spot on Friday. Mainly because it is situated walking distance away from Krysha. Latinos’ kitchen is set-up by Alexander Rappoport – the latest incarnation of Moscow’s fine dining gurus, so feel free grab a quick a late evening bite.

However, this is a bad weekend for overstaying one’s welcome. Make a quick survey of the girls in attendance, and start out for Krysha Mira: if any of the girls are up to any romantic moves, you will meet them again till the night runs out.

If they do know you well enough at Krysha (or at least knew you well enough at some point to give you a personal code), proceed as usual. If they don’t – find someone to vouch for you, lie, deceive, cry for mommy – in plain do anything to get in.

Because Krysha is a gem. Likely even The Gem of Eastern European clubbing. It’s like the Mausoleum (except everyone at Krysha is very much alive): one cannot claim he has seen Moscow, without paying a visit there.

As late as in mid-2016 doing so was relatively easy with Krysha open throughout every weekend with rare exceptions. However last September the place announced closing down for a massive renovation.

Since then the legendary establishment has had only one party in December, to which only regulars were invited. This weekend will be the second featuring techno-titans like Guy Gerber and Rodriguez Jr. in the absence of Krysha’s residents, who prefer to spend winter months in Southeastern Asia.

Expect the renovated Krysha to stand taller, its face control to be even more brutal and the girls even prettier than they used to be. Welcome to Moscow at its best!

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