Party Like a Russian: New Year Edition

The most sparkling of Moscow’s New Year traditions (albeit not the cheapest of those) – is watching Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ballet at the Bolshoi theatre.

The show may be marked ‘Sold Out’ on the theatre’s website, but ticket scalpers flocking Bolshoi’s booking office (Teatralnaya Square 2), are always ready to put something together for those visiting them in person and with the right amount of cash (€250-2500). During the festive season the Nutcracker is performed twice a day. While the morning performance is more a children’s affair the evening one can become the perfect pre-party.

As far as parties go there will be aplenty.

Strelka Bar hosts a cozy get-together of city’s more hipster public featuring The Very Polish Cut-Outs label residents. Admission fee (including food, drinks and a gift) – €100 before midnight, after 1:00 AM – €65.

Sila Sveta – household name in lighting shows – has laid out its New Year’s fit-up at Gazgolder Club, worth take a look.

Sila Sveta

Delirium at Rodnya unites no less than four top-notch Russian promo-teams: System 108, Resonance Moscow, Gipsy Music Agency и T&K studio and for modest entrance fee of €10.

Those who aren’t shy of the ordeal of putting on a costume, make-up, glitter etc. ought to show up at another event directed by Ju Montvilaite (Midsummer Night’s Dream). A whole building filled with freaks, playboys and bohemian types, with Basti Grub, Ost & Kjex playing – this is arguably the best of festive environment after the Santa-Claus and his elves. Considerable admission price (around €100) should not scare you off: it is after all a once-in-a-year occasion, right? Be mindful though: even if you’ve paid for your ticket in advance, no dress-code – no entry.


And in case you have some drive left in you after the celebrations (which means only that you haven’t partied hard enough), get it out with Vanilla Ninja crowd at Leveldva on January 3rd, 2017. Featuring Moscow’s #1 techno man Dr. Spy.Der it is the perfect party to jumpstart another year of eating life’s ginger.

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