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The ever changing restaurant scene in Moscow is vibrant like nowhere else. Evolutionary stages of evolution it took most European capitals three centuries to complete, Moscow passed in 20 years. For most of that time Svetlana Kesoyan (a.k.a. – @moscowfoodiebitch) has been out and about gastronomic establishments tasting viands of various cuisines. A household name in gastronomic journalism Svetlana always visits restaurants anonymously and pays the bills herself, that’s why her reviews stay unbiased and respected by both restaurateurs and their guests. Here she shares a bit of gastronomic expertise every Tuesday.

Тегов пока нет.
       When dealing with appetisers – one must know his way around those! The foremost is the herring. Eating a bit of it – with onion and mustard – immediately, while still feeling the sparks in the stomach, one must help oneself to some caviar with or without lemon" 
"The Siren", 1887