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Designer art hotel in the Chekhov's block of Moscow's heart, within walking distance to the lovely Pushkin square or irresistible Hermitage garden.

Created by one of the craziest people on this planet, Olga Soldatova,

our hotel gives you a shockingly fresh read on Chekhov’s time projected into the future.

We’re partnering with several Moscow’s theaters, galleries, concert companies and film studios,

so don’t be surprised if you run across some extraordinary neighbors at the hotel.


We love and understand the needs of creative people, and it’s rather mutual.

The hotel is owned by a family madly in love with Moscow, and so will you be once we get to know each other.


Red bike rental (practical) / Resident car parking (pretty useless these days)

Friendship with the best bar ever which is only 7 minutes walk away.

Free high speed internet. Really fast. Free Wi-Fi access. Free and painless.

24 hour reception, internet TV, books and conversations.

Laundry & iron facilities, babysitters and many more practical services on demand too boring to be listed.  

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